Demonstration, method of Teaching is mainly used in the Vocational Centres. These methods give room for 80% practical and 20% theory. In the practical stage, Students are presented with a topic and the subject to be dealt with in order to observe, dismantle and assemble the products of the subject matter. Students are instructed to carryout practical activities based on the Instructor’s activity. This allows the trainees to learn by doing. Assignments are given to trainees to carry out base on the practical exposure by the Instructor. These processes allow every trainee to participate in the class.


The methodology used for teaching in the Technical Colleges include:

  • Experimental method
  • Question method
  • Project method
  • Discussion method
  • Demonstration method

The ratio of practical work to theory is 60: 40.This is because the Students are prepared for practical skill acquisition as well as developing their ability for cognitive framework for higher education as the case may be.