The Technical and Vocational Education Board was established in 2015 through the signing into law of the Edu Law (cited as the Board for Technical and Vocational Education Law, 2015) by the Delta State House of Assembly.


  1. The Board shall inculcate in the people of Delta State the attitude of respect for; and appreciation of the role of technical and vocational education in the State.
  2. The Board shall stimulate and encourage pre-vocational and general technical education in the schools, not only as a basis for creating early technological awareness; but to also provide direct practical skills for earning a living
I. To reposition and effectively manage technical and vocational training of manpower;
II. To midwife the State technical advancement;
III. To encourage entrepreneurship among Deltans;
IV. To provide technical skill as much as possible for industrial, commercial and economic development"


  1. To manage Technical Colleges and Vocational Centres in the State;
  2. To implement all policies on Technical and Vocational Education in the State;
  • To appoint, promote, transfer, discipline and implement other conditions of service;
  1. To pay salaries and wages of the staff of the Board;
  2. To collate, analyze and publish information relating to the Vocational Education in the State;
  3. To acquire any equipment, material and properties required for the purpose of the Board;
  • To perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Board by the Governor.

What We Do

 The Board ensures the training of individuals ( trainees) through our Technical Colleges and Vocational Centres in;

What We Do;

The Board ensures the training of individuals ( trainees) through our Technical Colleges and Vocational Centres in;

  1. Welding and Fabrication
  2. Catering 
  3. General Craft
  4. Electrical Installation
  5. Building Technology
  6. ICT
  7. Computer Engineering and Repairs
  8. Fashion and Design
  9. Wood Works
  10. Auto-Mobile Maintenance
  11. Bead Making
  12. Hair Dressing and Salon Management
  13. Events Management and Decoration

Our Curriculum

  1. Our Curriculum is tailored to National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
  2. Ministry of Labour and Productivity Trade Test curriculum
  3. City and Guilds curriculum


NB: Our Curriculum is Industry based.

Our Infrastructure and Technical Staff Strength

We have well upgraded infrastructural facilities (workshops) with state of the art equipment and human resources in our six (6) Technical Colleges and five (5) Vocational Centres as detailed below;

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